Deodorants contain ingredients that control sweat and body odour safely and effectively, but what are the components of deodorant?

Modern deodorant formulas cleverly fight odour-producing bacteria that grow in perspiration. The components work together to reduce the amount we perspire and to keep the underarm area dry.

Are deodorant ingredients safe?

It can be difficult to decide if all the components of deodorants and antiperspirants are necessary and safe. You might worry that some are dangerous, or that the alcohol or chemical content might irritate sensitive skin. The truth is, high quality modern deodorants offer you perfectly safe and effective products that are alcohol and paraben free. Deodorants use proven safe ingredients to reduce the amount you perspire. Ingredients usually include emollient oils, minerals and fragrances. Other highly effective deodorants are formulated using ingredients such as moisture-absorbing minerals to reduce perspiration and odour. 

For example, Garnier’s Mineral Sensitive Stick is a deodorant that protects your skin from perspiration with Mineralite and zinc pidola. It is paraben and alcohol free and offers you ultimate protection even on the most sensitive skin.