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    In close collaboration with our labs, we develop hair care programs to satisfy each of your individual needs and desires. By combining the latest technologies with the best of natural ingredients, there is necessarily a program crafted for you. At Garnier we care, we treat, we boost and improve hair’s quality, strength, shine, softness, so you can enjoy great healthy looking hair that are full of life.
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    Natural ingredients are at the heart of our hair care products and formulas. Whether it’s active fruit concentrate or rich, tasty and generous ingredients, they empower our brands boosting the strengthening result of Fructis or delivering the best softness to Ultra DOUX.
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    Our hair expertise is based on a true understanding of your need. Innovation is the cornerstone of our hair care brands. We want it simple and efficient but still adapted to your unique hair condition. We never stop pushing our own boundaries. Improvement is limitless. Your hair deserve the best of natural, gentle and optimal care.
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    We care about all types of hair knowing each hair type is unique and typical. With and thanks to our labs, we keep learning about hair diversity so we can work on and offer the most suitable hair care products to the right person.